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Forex euro franco suizo - English support 24/7

Melbourne Vascular Surgery Unit (MVSU) was established in 1985. With only the best surgeons in the field, the latest vascular technologies, and a purely professional work ethic, the organisation has quickly earned the reputation of Melbourne's premier vascular surgery unit.

Mr. Milne is a recognised Specialist under the National Health Act.  He practices in the field of surgery of the arteries and veins and associated systems of the body.

Here at MVSU we strive to run a modern surgical practice - taking the time to explain complex surgical procedures, discussing "pros and cons" during the decision making process and providing clear written information about surgery and costs. Ultimately we believe that being respectful of patient concerns and wishes leads to both excellent surgical results and a practice of high integrity.


General information

Melbourne Vascular Surgery Unit
Cabrini Medical Centre - Suite 5, 183 Wattletree Road
Malvern VIC 3144
mvsu logo
Phone: (03) 9509-9055  Fax: (03) 9576-1391
Paging Service: 8508-9000
Email: Click Here To Email Us
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